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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our COVID Mitigation Policy Statement which is updated as and when regulations/guidance change.

No problem!...we have comprehensive information on the beginners page - we're looking forward to taking you through your first experience of this wonderful activity!

For partner work:
Dress code for classes is clean, casual clothing that you feel comfortable in. Suede or plastic-soled dancing shoes are ideal, but street shoes are fine worn for basic classes. However, flip flops, or chunky boots aren't recommended as can be difficult to move quickly in!

For SBW:
You should wear your regular exercise kit, that you can move freely in. Suede-soled dancing shoes are ideal, but smooth-soled, lightweight trainers or even just thick socks can be worn for level 1 classes.

You don't need to bring a partner: in all group classes partners rotate. This gives everyone the chance to experience different leads and follows which is an essential skill for learning to social dance, it's also a great way to meet and connect with your classmates for social dancing after class.

Our partner dancing lessons are primarily Eddie Torres style crossbody Salsa on1. This is also the basis for footwork and styling classes, although for these it will be less of a problem if you already dance Cuban style. Parties will be mainly New York Mambo, Salsa Dura, Romantica, both old classics and new artists etc but we also play Cuban, including Rueda as well as cha-cha, bachata and merengue. Pre-party warm-up classes for all levels may include Salsa on2, Cha-cha, Pachanga, role-reversal, rueda and more!

SalsaBodyWorks is an high-energy exercise class centred around authentic Salsa music and dance moves. Created by Salsa teacher Sonja Heigl, the emphasis is on using the whole body, incorporating musicality and coordination. A fun workout for the body and mind, it'll leave you uplifted and is great for getting you back in shape for dancing again, for general fitness or just for fun and we guarantee you'll leave with a smile on your face! This session does not involve partner work.

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